Wednesday, April 20, 2011

iPhone App Bundle - Best Collection of iPhone Apps

AppBundle gives choice to select the best application that can be used as required! Lots of new Apps are seen in the growing world of iPhone but I don't think all are useful, so I have searched for some bundle apps that can provide bunch of applications in single app. These apps can be used in multiple ways and they are very cheap and effective with ultimate apps and variety of features. App Bundle seems productive where we have to use less space and get more from its app collection! Hope for the best results from the AppBundle for iPhone...

135+ in 1 : AppBundle

App Genie (30 in 1)
By GP Imports

MultiApp 8 in 1
By Hamway

100 Cameras in 1
By Stuck In Customs

GPS All-in-one
By CLO Software


  1. why iPad application price is high and other device price is low .I Think because of that one is monopoly business. iPhone Application Development

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