Monday, September 10, 2012

Chain Reaction Explosion Games - Test Your Reaction Time & Skill

Explosion game are such that where a chain explosion starts.... main aim of destroying the objects (whatever they may be). Strategically chain the explosion to score higher points on the score-board, simply by creating a chain reaction. The Chain Reaction iPhone Games are not only cool game to play that allows you set-off lots of lovely explosions but also a type of exam to test your instant reaction time. Create chain reaction starting from 1 explosion, which graphically ends to too many. Every game here in these series have a same concept of playing yet different with characters, graphics, sound effects, features, scores, etc. Downloading Chain Reaction Games for iPhone will make your kids more happy and also increase their thinking ability!

Chain Explosion Chain Rxn
By RV AppStudios LLC By Zwigglers Mobile

Firework Chains Blast Reaction
By Yang Jin By K-Apps Inc.

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