Thursday, June 9, 2011

Enhance your Cooking Experience - Read Cooking Application Press Release

Lets share something different today, which can be helpful for the cooking experts as well as cooking lovers. Today, this is a pressrelease for Cooking iPhone App where the user can get more details to enhance their cooking experience with Cooktorial.

Cooktorial implements an easy-to-use interface, a database of over 1.000 recipes, images and thorough description of each recipe, as well as providing the user with the option of filtering the results by preparation time, cuisine type and difficulty level. Furthermore, with a single tap the user can generate a list with the most commonly found ingredients, which can be easily edited and will be automatically stored for future use. Last but not least, using Cooktorial does not require an internet connection, allowing thus the user to browse recipes without the use of a 3G or a Wi-Fi network.

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