Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Learning for Kids - Best Summer Fun Kids Apps

Keep your toddlers learning with some very interesting summer applications. The Summer Learning Apps available at Apple Store are designed in such a way that they provide more fun as well as interesting educational activities. Make sure this summer you do not let your kids become unaware of what they learnt the whole past year in their schools! Discover a new step towards learning with the help of these amazing Summer Fun Kids Apps. The applications listed here will make your learning activity a fun part of your life… Perfect for parents and kids… these learning apps for kids will provide hours of entertainment. Download some of the most popular and interesting kids application to make your kid learn more in his/her summer vacations.

Toontastic ABC Wildlife

Comics4Kids Dora’s Rhyming Word Adventure HD (a preschool ...

Math Bingo Casey's Contraptions HD

Elmo Loves ABCs for iPadDrawing Pad

ABC PlayBob Books #1 - Reading Magic for iPad

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  1. I would also recommend parents to consider such educational iPhone app for their kids as Kinder Hangman it is an interesting iPhone game that is helpful for child development and allows kids to learn new words quickly and effectively. Learning process is organized as an interesting game with graphical themes and animations. This game is recommended for kids of 5-10 years. Great app!