Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bell Ringing Apps – Ring the Bell iPhone Apps

Do you need to have attention of your juniors? Or Do you want to call any person immediately back to the room? Than just ring the bell. Here are some of the top Bell ringing iPhone apps listed which you can use in hotels, office, big stores, service centers and many other places. All these best iPhone apps have amazing different sound types form which the user can select their favorite sound. Also these Ring the Bell apps come with buzzer sounds that are used while playing trivia games, when any answer is wrong. Download these easy-to-use iPhone apps and ring the bell instead of calling!!!!

Desk Bell - Get Attention Politely
By iTankster.com
Price: Free
Taco Bell Store Locator
By Taco Bell
Price: Free

Desk Service Bell
By LOLriffic Stuff
Price: $0.99

Bell Ringer
By MoonBeam Development
Price: Free

Desk Bell & Buzzer
By Webvantage Design
Price: $0.99

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