Thursday, May 19, 2011

Best Android Action Games 2011 - Arcade Games for Android

Action and arcade games are hot favorite forever for players of every age!! These are the first choice of people to get familiar with action & arcade games. Here are some all-in-one Android Action Games listed with the reference of significant sites. All these defensive games have amazing graphics and great sounds. There are unique features included in these android action games such as endless mode, funny characters, challenging levels, interesting storyline and many more. Download these must have android apps to make an extraordinary experience which you have never made before!!!

Pumpkins vs. Monsters


Crime Inc.

Tiny Bee Demo

Bumper Star Demo

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  1. Yeah! till may it was exactly like this but with a in very short time android market trend has changed a lot. Many new names like Sky Traffic Control and Duck Hunting are increasing so fast and they are considered the best games of 2011.