Saturday, May 14, 2011

Light Painting iPhone App - Draw & Paint Apps

Painting is an art!! Get more fun with best painting and drawing iPhone apps. If while working throughout and you get board or tired, than try playing these entertaining iPhone apps and keep your mood fresh & relaxed. Draw beautiful pictures with stick or brush and make fun any-time & any-where. Here are best Painting iPhone apps available with the reference of reliable sites and popular publishers. All these amazing apps have unique features like glow sticks to create stylish glow graffiti, superb glowing neon light in picture, control color & size of your brush and many more. Visit app store and download these apps to enjoy a lot!!

Glow Paint Color
Price: Free

By Alterme Inc
Price: $0.99

By miSoft
Price: $0.99

Glow Paint
By Daniel Cota
Price: Free

Touch 'N' Paint
By Purple, Inc.
Price: Free

Finger Paint
By MobilityWare
Price: $0.99

Inspire - Paint, Draw & Sketch
By KiwiPixel
Price: Free

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  1. Hi everybody. I would like to suggest myLightPaint for iPhone and iPad. It can be used as a light source for creating fancy light paintings using a long exposure camera or the webcam. For the last you would need an additional software: check it out @

    Have fun and be creative. /Sebastian